The Ranch

A lot of love goes into our land, from the family, to the animals and plants.  We are happy to be a part of this little peice of paradise!

ABOUT Desiderata Ranch

Desiderata Ranch, located at the border of Boulder County and Larimer County, was founded in 1981. Over the years it has been the birthplace of a family, seen children and grandchildren grow up and been a place of refuge for those in need. We are visited by birds, rabbits, deer, elk and the occasional bear. In 2013, Desiderata Ranch was almost completely destroyed by the catastrophic flooding that affected a large part of Colorado. We were very fortunate to have not lost our home but the wonderful events we hosted here on the park grounds are on hold until we can finish the cleanup. In the meantime, we are making this an opportunity for new beginnings. The new barn is being built and we hope to be able to offer it as an events venue within the year. We are redesigning the landscaping, seeing things with new eyes. We are currently selling at the Berthoud and Loveland Farmers Markets and restaurants as well as from the ranch. We are growing a wide variety of produce in our greenhouse and on the property. 

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Russets to Fingerlings, they are tasty!