Desiderata Ranch Buyers Club

Desiderata Ranch is located on the Boulder County and Larimer County lines in Colorado producing crops that are naturally grown, free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, in a manner that celebrates the land and small farming operations.


The Desiderata Ranch Buyers Club is not a CSA. There is a one time, per season, Desiderata Ranch Membership fee of $35 which entitles the member to a 10% discount on fresh produce and preserves and a 15% discount on single jars of honey. Members also purchase a credit, a minimum of $200, that is used as a "bank" that your purchases are drawn from. You are not locked into large commitments or feeling pressed to take something you would neither like nor use.  The Desiderata Ranch season runs approximately 30 weeks, from May until November.  Our produce is primarily grown in our high tunnels, giving us the ability to offer an extended summer season; we are also working on our new hydroponics system so we can offer fresh greens, tomatoes and peppers year round!  Additionally, our jams, jellies and preserves are very popular and are even used in several local restaurants.

Throughout the season we will send weekly emails with what is available at it's peak that week. We will even have fruit from Palisade Colorado available!  


Because we grow a large variety of produce in our hightunnel, we offer an EXTENDED SEASON of 30 weeks instead of the typical 23 weeks offered by  CSA programs! 

Jams, Jellies and Preserves
The popularity of our jams jellies and preserves has grown tremendously thanks to Farmers Markets and local restaurants.  Here are just some of the wonderful flavors and varieties we offer:


  • Chokecherry Jelly

  • Apricot Jam

  • Chocolate Strawberry Jam

  • Triple Berry Jam

  • Thai Basil Jelly (excellent on meat and poultry)

  • Lavender Blossom Jelly

  • Nasturtium Blossom Jelly

  • Peach Jam

  • Plum Jam

  • Pickled Beets

  • Candied Pecans

  • Dried Fruit





Local Colorado Honey, raw and unfiltered, just the way nature made it!


Available in Half Pint and Pint Jars




-You will be receiving Newsletters with your Membership containing the latest news from the ranch, recipes, photos and other information.


-We welcome your feedback on the products you receive, those you would like to see available and suggestions on how to make the most of your Buyer's Club Membership.


-We accept cash, checks and credit cards and Paypal.   Payment is due in full with the Membership Application.

-Membership fee and "Bank Credit" are non-refundable.  Any balance left on credit on the last day of the current year will be forfeited. 


-Through this Membership, you are helping to support this small farm operation, we do not provide refunds.


Please keep in mind there is a limited number of Memberships available and they will be on a first come first served basis.


Desiderata Ranch Membership 
 Your Membership fee is only $35!

Your Membership and "Bank Credit" entitle you to the following benefits:

- 10% off produce 

- 10% off all preserves

- 15% off single jars of honey

-Pick up is at the ranch in Boulder County, every weekday from 10am to 6pm and Westminster every Thursday from 3pm to 7pm.

-Pick up will be available at the Berthoud Farmers Market on Saturday and Loveland Farmers Market on Sunday during the season. Please note: due to the high volume of traffic at the markets, we are not able to give discounts or debit your account for purchases on market days.  We are happy to fill your order, give your discount and debit your account for orders to be PICKED UP at the market.
-Bring your own bags, we have your order in a labeled crate that stays on the ranch.
-Be mindful that we will do our best to provide to you the highest quality product and at the most quantity possible, we however, cannot control the weather or other risk factors involved in farming.
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